Dark Knight Live Wallpaper 1.3.2


Batman's Gotham City crumbling in The Dark Knight Rises on your home screen!

Experience Gotham City crumbling on your home screen! Scroll through your home screens to change the view of the scene. The clouds move and building pieces from Bane’s destruction fall continuously. This scene embodies the theme of The Dark Knight Rises and the Batman trilogy.

Inspired by ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer, I recreated this scene with OpenGL 3D models and textures made with Photoshop.

I promise to add more features if the response is good. Enjoy!

P.S. Everything was done from scratch, I did not steal any images or model codes from anywhere. Of course I did study online OpenGL tutorials from Nehe and Jayway, so credit to them. Google them if you’re interested in developing something.

P.S. - As you can see, those low ratings are ONLY from phone models that can't load. So if it works for you PLEASE rate it with your phone model. And if it doesn't please send an email stating your phone model and version, don't just rate apps cuz it doesn't work, rate it based on a working one!

7/9/2011 - DISCLAIMER - Newer phones recommended, a year old or less ONLY. Google doesn't allow us to limit hardware devices, only versions and software.

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